Welcome to the Custom Client Engagement Template

You should use this page as your cover page, replacing this content with relevant to your project. Include who will be involved, the name of the project, and the name of the company your proposing to. Once your content is complete - share this site with your clients. You can use the about our company section to include a short description of your company and why your client should chose you over your competitors. The deliverables section is a list item section you can use to breakdown everything you will deliver and in which phase of the project you will be delivering it. If your project does not have phases you can edit the list by clicking the "customize this list" link on that page. The price breakdown page is where you will detail all your phases or products and prices for each phase. This page contains a linked Google spreadsheet and totals will automatically be creating using formulas. Use the conclusion page to wrap up any final thoughts you may have and also get approval from the client on the project. The approvals will instantly be inserted into a Google spreadsheet once the form is filled out. Lastly the reference section can be used to detail any links to your work, supplementary information or services or anything your heart desires.